Life’s Moments

As a full time working mother of two I often find myself “busy.”  I am a stresser and spend much of my day rushing from place to place trying to get things done or feeling as though I have forgotten to do something. Many times it turns out that I am stressing for nothing or even doing things just because I need to feel productive.  When I am done “doing” things, as if one could ever be done, I tend to grab a book and check out of life.

In a world of house keeping chores, work schedules, work in general, child care, doctors appointments, car repairs, extended family, social lives, mom guilt, feelings of failure, fear of more failure, insecurities, a society full of judging and shaming of other parents for one reason or another and a multitude of articles telling you you are doing “it” wrong, life has seemed so much easier when I put my head down, ignore the world, and trudge on from day to day.

I don’t seem to have an in between.  I am either on the go and so busy that I am basically unavailable to the present or I am so stressed and emotionally tired, goodness knows I don’t have time to exercise and become physically tired, that I shut down and check out.  Either way I have been checking myself out of life… my life, my kiddos lives, and the enjoyable moments that come with it.

I started jotting down “Laughable Moments” as a way to make myself feel better about my kiddos growing up so fast, as a small way to provide a connection to my extended family, because we all know in my “busy” life I have unintentionally shut them out, and as a way to keep a small hold on the life that has been flying past me, even if that hold is only in memory form.

People always told me that this would happen, but you never really understand what other people mean until you experience it yourself.  I have often found myself saying “where has time gone?” or telling my past students and my own children to stop growing so fast. People also say, “that’s life.” Time goes so quickly and enjoyable moments are missed because we have so many other things going on but… “that’s life.”

Well, I am writing this blog to say, that has been my life. I have been checked out, I have been “busy” and stressed and have not stopped to enjoy the “Laughable Moments” in my life.  I am also going to say that the reality is I will still have those moments, long or short as they may be. I will still be “busy.”  I will continue to have my job, common everyday stresses, obligations, and mom guilt. I will continue to live in a society that will judge me for every action I take. There is no miracle cure for the speed of life.  I will not be perfect and there is no shame in that.

My daughter had it right when she was two, we are in a “dicament.” That predicament is called life.  There is no right or wrong, as long as you are doing the best you can. So I will take a line from my students and continue telling myself “I can do this,” and I will move forward with my head high and take intentional steps toward Living In Laughter.

Join me in this adventure of Living In Laughter. Share your laughable kid moments, or just enjoy an escape from life with a good laugh.